Thank You for choosing Babe’s Playground as your host for your upcoming event! Please read over our policies and procedures to ensure that your party will be a success. 


To book a party at Babe’s please email us the following information at 

  1. Your First and Last Name

  2. Phone Number 

  3. The type of party you are looking to book with us, 
    1. Aerial Party
    2. Non-Aerial Circus Party
    3. Parent and ME Aerial Party
    4. Parent and ME Yoga party
    5. Dance Party
    6. Open Play Party
    7. Other

4. Age range of participants 

5. Number of participants 

6. Length of the Party: *Please note that if you are booking a one hour party, you are only booking the studio for one hour. If you'd like extra time for food, cake, or gift opening we will book your party for a hour and a half there will be an extra fee of $10 to staff the extra time. **Babe's staff will arrive 15 minutes prior to your party, if you need additional set up/decorating time prior to your party, there will be an extra fee of $10. 

7.   Dates and Times you are considering for your party (please take a look at our schedule on our website for availability

. Spectators: If you are booking an aerial party, we do not recommend inviting spectators unless they are parents of the children invited. Anyone who uses the aerial equipment will be considered a participant and will be charged a fee for participation. Please no children spectators! Its like bringing them to the candy store and having them watch other kids pig out! 



Babe’s Party/Event Policies


All participants in Aerial Parties under the age of 16 must provide Babe’s Playground with a release of liability form signed by a parent or guardian prior to participation in an aerial event at our facility. 

Food and Beverages are allowed at Babe’s Playground but it must remain off of the mats and out of the equipment and it should be noted that we have limited seating. We also ask that you make sure to clean the hands and faces of your little ones before sending them to play, (frosting or pizza sauce inside a fort is difficult to clean!)