Aerial Playdate

Aerial Hammock, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Chinese Pole

one Aerial Art 1 hour

up to 5 students


2 Aerial arts, 2 hours 

up to 5 students


Aerial Parties

Aerial Hammock, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Chinese Pole


1 aerial art, 1 hour 

6 to 12 students (add a *non-aerial add on to accommodate more students, see below) 

2 Aerial arts, 2 Hours

  6 to 12 students

2 or more Aerial Arts, 2 Hours 

13 to 24 students 


Non-aerial Add on

(add a 1 hour non aerial activity to any party: non-aerials include, juggling, acrobatics, poi, devil sticks, diabolo, balloon animals, or double dutch! ) 



(Babe's staff will arrive 15 mins prior to your party, if you would like access to the studio earlier than 15 minutes before the party is scheduled to start, there will be an extra $10 charge to staff the extra time, or if you would like extra time after your aerial party for food or cake, let us know to book that extra time with an additional $10 fee . *note if you need time to decorate and time afterwards for food, both are included in the $10 fee.